The Rock Show Cornwall 2015

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Penny McBreen Ceramics-more images to follow

Video of Penny making and talking about her work.

Framed Tile - overall size 32cms x 32cms - 145
Seagull jar - 10cms x 10cms - 45
Pool plate - 25cms - 85
Hot Chocolate cups - 19.50 each
Framed Tile - overall size 32cms x 32cms - 145
Bud vases - 35 each
Framed Tile - overall size 32cms x 32cms - 145
Pool plate - 25cms - 85
Large Raku Jar - 50cms x 45 cms - 350

Penny has been making ceramics and organising and exhibiting at the Rock Summer Show for over 30 years.Living and working in Cornwall throughout her life, Penny has been strongly influenced by the dramatic coastline, landscape, constantly changing weather and light of her home county. New work includes framed tile panels influenced by her second visit to China in October 2013.

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